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Step 1: Purchase Equipment

Direct buying options with no mark up below, sometimes our techs can bring the same equipment for a small fee, totally up to you.

1. Ubiquiti AirMax Antenna (LiteBeam XR or PowerBeam or NanoBeam) [Buy 5GHz - 5AC - Gen2]
PowerBeam ($119 +$30 shipping) [only for clients within 3-9 miles of tower]
NanoBeam ($99 +$20 shipping) [only for clients within 3 miles of tower]
LiteBeam Extra Long Range XR ($179 + $33 shipping) [9-15 miles from tower]

2. Outdoor shielded CAT5E or CAT6/7 Ethernet cable (Please do not make your own or crimp your own connectors)
CAT7 Outdoor Amazon Link 1 Lengths 50,65,100,125,150,200,250,300
CAT7 Outdoor Amazon Link 2 Lengths 25,50,75,100,200,300

3. Customer provided 2.4 GHz router (Most people already have this item, used to distribute signal throughout household.)
Ebay Link for $18-25 TP-Link N450
Bring Your Own. Any basic router (not access point) will work.

4. Mounting Hardware (Most people already have existing rooftop mast from old antenna)
$7 Ubiquiti: Generic Mast Mount great for fascia board pole mount
$40 Rooftop Tripod Mount (note pole not included)
$13 RCA Mast mount from Lowes in store or online (note pole not included)

Total equipment cost is about $160

Step 2: Install Equipment

There are 2 pieces of equipment to be installed and configured. Step-by-step directions below, we are available by text or phone for any questions you have.
Ubiquiti Antenna Setup for MtnBeam PDF GUIDE INSTRUCTIONS (note: do not use App, use webpages only)

Step 3: Line of Sight

Rooftop masts and tree clearing might be required to gain a line of sight, but the effort pays off in reliability and fast speeds. Some customers need a combination of multiple methods and we are here to help figure out what that might be. First check the online coverage maps for all towers and do some analysis in Google Earth, then give us a call to talk about it! Sometimes a shed or tree is better locataion that the house, maximum outdoor cable length is 300ft. Analize all towers, sometimes the closet tower is blocked by trees but the second closest works better.

Step 4: Connect to the Mountain Beam network and Buy Credits

Email us your location (address or GPS), ssid/tower you are pointed at, and desired Service Plan and we'll create your account.
To see if your account exists try Forgot password then check your email to proceed.

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