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New Customer Questions

How you provide service? / How does it work?

5 Ghz (5G) line of sight technology uses bi-directional low power radio signals from our transmitter and your location. Much faster than DSL with nearly fiber speeds.

Mountain Beam provides home internet using 5 Ghz technology. It is not hot spot technology in is not cell phone technology. It uses small outdoor antennas to connect homes to towers on the mountains and hills.

I just heard about this service from a friend, who is Mountain Beam?

Mountain Beam is the 3rd largest internet provider in Fairbanks North Star Borough. The owner is an UAF alumni, who created the company in 2019 because homes in Goldstream Valley had zero internet options, other than unreliable cell phone data. Mountain Beam leases several towers and fiberoptic connections which have expensive costs, but the company is now fully self-sufficient thanks to the support of thousands of customers in Fairbanks. We are proudly 100% debt free and have taken $0 of government subsidies, as we have proven connectivity at high speeds is possible anywhere with some hard work and dedication.

Do you accept Federal Goverment Rural Broadband Accountability Plan Coupons?

No. Our Services are already very affordable for low income and the elderly. The lowest speed plan only costs $30 a month and is fast enough for Netflix, video conferencing, and more!

What do the antennas look like?

The Nanobeam is quite small and sleek and the Powerbeam is a tiny parabolic antenna. To view some photos click here.

Is this the same as a cell phone’s 5G, like I see on TV commercials?

Yes and no. It provides high speed new generation speeds as a cell company does, but it provides home internet rather than cell phone data. Cell phone’s 5G is only available in major cities that have cell phone towers every few blocks. The outdoor antenna allows connections up to 15 miles away.

Is it laggy like satellite?

No. This technology does not have high latency delays like geostationary satellite does. Nor does it have "coverage outages" like satellite. Latency to California is about 50ms as everything travels via fiber under the ocean.

What is a service credit?

We do billing a little bit different. Everything works in a credit system. There will never be a bill and the service is always paid in advance with a pay as you go style. The best prices are obtained with a bulk purchase of credits, explains it all in fine detail

Can I pay monthly? Is there auto pay?

Autofill under 3 can be enabled for customers who don’t want to do pay manually

What is Auto Pay Under 3? How does AutoPay work?

Customers can elect to have their last payment automatically repeated when their credit balance falls under 3 credits. This service is only available through credit card. You can turn it off at any time.

Are there coverage maps?

Yes. Click here for maps. These maps assume there are no trees in the way. Line of sight is needed.

What is the size of the customer antenna?

Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC Gen2 is 7" round and 1.2 lbs. PowerBeam Gen2 is twice the size and looks more like satellite dish. To view some photos click here. LiteBeam XR is the biggest and designed for very far from tower customers.

How do I decide between a NanoBeam and a PowerBeam antenna?

How is the antenna connected and wired?

Mounting a Nanobeam to a building is done via hose clamp or one wood screw. The other antennas can only mount to a mast. Either antenna is connected with one outdoor CAT7 cable for both data and power. The power is supplied indoors with the power inserter, max cable length is 350 ft; the antenna uses 8.5 Watts.

Does it work at -40F, snow storms, smoke?

Yes it functions without issue at the same speeds.

How does Rain affect the signal / speeds?

Rain only affects customers with trees in the way. Wet trees block signal & frozen tress block very little signal. If you become customer in Winter, you might not notice the trees in the way in May thru September. Failing rain does not affect customers with perfect line of sight.

Do I need line of sight to the transmitter?

Yes, this high speed technology requires a line of sight to the tower. Rooftop mounts seeing above the forest are best. The invisible radio ways are 10ft wide, so the path needs to be about 10ft wide too.

I have an older antenna from another company that is pointing a tower. Can it be used?

Probably not as it must be Gen2, but some are able to reuse the antenna mounting hardware and Ethernet cable but it is best to install new cable to ensure the best speeds.

What is a home router?

A home router is the central hub of your home network. All computers, phones, printers, and other wired or wireless devices connect to the internet and each other through this device. It also is your home’s first level of security, as it provides a firewall for your devices. It offers 2.4ghz wifi for phones and laptops to connect if they are within range of the router.

What kind of router do I need?

You will need a 2.4 Ghz router. If it says Belkin, Netgear, Tp-Link, Linksys, DLink with 4-5 Ethernet ports on the back it is most likely a generic home router. New 5Ghz routers are not required and actually not encouraged as it can interfere with the tower to antenna signal, 2.4Ghz can provide 100 to 300 Mbps speeds which is greater than any speed we offer currently.

Setup and Configuration Questions

How does one configure a new LiteBeam XR, NanoBeam, or PowerBeam for Mountain Beam?

Read the DIY install PDF page where you can see the whole process step by step. DIY Install Guide PDF Link

Am I going to get slower speeds if my cable is too long?

No. Any CAT7 cable under 350 feet will send signals digitally and will work just as well as a shorter cable.

How do I authorize the antenna for the transmitter?

email us

What are the IP configuration settings?

Both the Ubiquiti Antenna and customer router will receive ipv4 DHCP addresses. Set your router to DHCP client for the WAN connection. If unsure how to do this, just factory reset the router by holding the reset button/pin for 30 seconds.

How can I assure my Antenna has the correct settings and firmware?

For assistance setting up the Antenna device please set it as a DHCP client with management VLAN of 2222 and set the username/password to be ubnt/Default123! From there we remotely configure it all. But since you own the antenna we provide all the tech details so you can see how to view its web GUI and see exactly how it works (if you want too).

My antenna's webpage using my web browser says it has a certificate that is not valid. Is that website safe to look at?

Yes it is safe to accept. The antenna itself is making the certificate and you are just going to a webpage that exists at your home. Try multiple web browsers as some prevent the user from accepting the certificate, we have noticed the best web browser is FireFox. iPads and iPhone work well too using Safari ONLY. Never Use the Ubiquiti App, only use the webpage.


Is my antenna getting strong radio signal from the tower?

Radio signals are measured in dBm. This number is usually negative. In your account dashboard you are able to see the current signal levels as well as the history. If this number fluctuates greatly your line of sight most likely has trees in the way. All customers should be in the -40 to -65 range, with consistent numbers. The signal level is recorded twice a day, if possible, so you can compare Summer vs Winter and know gutter installers "bumped" the antenna when they were working on the rooftop.

How do I login to my antenna webpage to See the signal meter?

Find the IP address of your antenna in your account dashboard by logging in here. The visit the IP address in FireFox like a webpage Then accept the self signed certificate. Username is mtnbeam. Password is your "WPA2 Password" which is stated in your account dashboard under "My Antenna". Do not change any settings as it may disconnect your antenna and require reconfiguration as if new user.

If your antenna is having signal issues, and showing NOT CONNECTED on the account dashboard My Antenna section, then you must login to the antenna via its setup WiFi network. To enable the setup WiFi network, the power must be cycled on it, so unplug the power injector and plug it back in. Walk close the antenna or window nearest the antenna. Then look for a WiFi network that has the MAC address of your antenna in it. Connect to that network and visit the username and password will be same as stated above.

How do I check my internet speed?

Before you run the test, make sure all other computers in the house are off and that the device you are using is not running any other processes. Any device consuming data will subtract from the allotted number. If your number is not near expected, try testing on another computer or device. We benchmark speeds based on metrics that measure the speed of your antenna to San Jose, CA. Visit to check your speed. The test will autorun once the webpage loads.

My subscription expired, so I added a balance to the account. How long until it becomes active?

It will be active 20 to 180 seconds after the payment processes.

My internet isn't working, why?

Common Questions From Existing Customers

My Account is Suspended, Why?

All clients purchasing our services agree to our Service Terms at the time of payment. The most common reason for clients being suspended are illegal activities (copyright infringements), dysfunctional customer antennas (incorrect frequencies or extremely low signal levels), traffic activity suggesting the customer is reselling of our services.

Where does Mountain Beam network originate?

San Jose California.  All traffic will route through California.  Please pick speed test servers and video game servers in California for best pings and speeds. All servers and IP address are USA based.

I tried to open a port on my firewall but it appears to still be blocked, how do I open ports?

Only customers who pay for a static-public IPv4 address can accomplish this.  All traffic OUTBOUND is OPEN on every service and IP plan.  One alternative to paying us would be purchasing a paid VPN to create a private tunnel and control all your ports.

Why does my Xbox, Router, or Computer say there is a Double NAT?

Customers can choose either Single NAT or Double NAT. Please edit your account to request a Single NAT IP address. Currently there is not extra costs for a (rarely) rotating public IP address. There is an extra charge for static IP address. Costs for IP address type are found in the Pricing Calculator

What is the best Router?

Any factory default router will work. The WAN interface need to be DHCP client. To ensure the best Antenna to Tower signals please turn off 5GHz radios on the router. Multiple routers and access points in one home should be connected via ethernet wires. Wifi extenders and Mesh routers are discouraged.
90% of new Routers are extreemly complicated to setup, there is only one router we like for fast install by non tech people, the TP-Link WR-940N click the ebay link to find one online, they cost about $30.

What is a good Antenna Signal?

All signals are reported in negative dBm values. -40 is better than -60. Very weak signals are in the -80s range. All customers should aim for -62 dBm or better.

What signal do I need to avoid a Weak Signal Surcharge?

-65dBm or better

I want to lower my bill, what can I do?

You can choose a slower speed package and increase your antenna signal to have a lower bill. Click here to try the Pricing Calculator

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