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Measuring Service Speeds

Your Internet Service Speeds

This document is intended to be informational and does not replace or alter the legal terms and conditions of service.

Mountain Beam’s broadband Internet services are available at different upload and download speeds and price points depending on the uses that the customer wants to make of the broadband connection (e.g. email, web browsing, video and audio streaming, gaming, or downloading large files). The specific levels of Internet service that are available are identified here. Our network is a combination of software and networking assets that are responsible for the speeds from the customer owned antenna to the tower and then to the internet. Our metric for testing speeds is where is destination server is San Jose, California.

Mountain Beam engineers its network to achieve the “up to” speeds for each of the service levels offered, we cannot guarantee that individual customers will always experience those speeds.  The following variables (which are often out of our control) can affect the actual speeds experienced by a customer:

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