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Service Terms

Pay-As-You-Go Service Terms

Mountain Beam Credits

All service is contract less pay-as-you-go. Customers purchase service credits, which are not transferable, nonrefundable, and have no cash value. Accounts with 0 (“Zero”) balance will have reduced or limited service for network connectivity and customer support. Accounts with zero balance are subject to tower deauthorization and being placed on a waitlist for resumption. We will always honor existing credits on your account and do our very best possible to deliver the service you prepaid for in advance, but this is not guaranteed service and speed disruptions can arise for many various reasons. Please read our Network Service Terms here.

Mountain Beam Complimentary Credits

Mountain Beam may provide the customer with positive complimentary credit(s) at anytime. Customers might be asked to perform optional tests, surveys, or upload pictures that aid in providing a better network and rewarded in complimentary credits.

Purchasing & Consumption of Credits

There are multiple methods for purchasing Mountain Beam credits. One credit of service equates to 24 hours of service. Consumption of credits begins immediately after purchase and does not have the ability to be paused or stopped. Accounts can never have a negative balance. Customers may purchase more than one credit at any given time. The purchase for an account with an existing positive credit balance will receive the current balance plus the amount of credits purchased. For example account shows remaining balance of 4.2375 credits and customer purchases 30 more credits successfully. The new immediate balance becomes 34.2375 credits. Credits may only be purchased in whole numbers and credit balance is calculated to the nearest “ten thousandth” decimal place. The maximum number of credits that be be loaded onto an account is 399.

Auto-refill of Credits (AutoPay)

For clients who dislike manual payments we offer the auto-refill purchasing solution. We will link your Mountain Beam account profile to a with a payment processor and/or another 3rd party disclosed to you here. We will not store your credit card. When the account falls below 3 credits an automatic purchase of credits will occur. These automated payments will occur once a day only on accounts that opt-in for this service when their credit balance calculation is under 3. Credits are purchased in whole numbers. Auto-refill purchases have credit minimum of 30 and credit maximum of 90. Auto-refill can be stopped at any time. Contractually Mountain Beam and Customer have no contract as the desire for automatic payments can be cancelled by any of the three parties (Customer, Mountain Beam, or Payment Processor) at any time. Only existing customers may sign up for Auto-refill; this is done through your Mountain Beam account portal at the time of of manual payment. Customers can turn off AutoPay anytime they wish here

Pricing of Credits

There are currently several service plans based on desired speed level. Depending on the service plan you select, your cost per credit will be variable. The cost of a credit will also depend on the tower the customer is pointed at and how many credits are purchased at one time. Publicly advertised prices are the entry level price point for the lowest cost tower. Customers with inadequate signal numbers who fail to improve their antenna alignment or ensure an adequate line-of-sight beam could have an extra “weak signal” surcharge for their credit cost. Customers with signal levels stronger than -65 dBm are not subject this “weak signal” cost. This “weak signal” surcharge is done on a case by case basis as many natural acts of nature can contribute to signal issues however we encourage the best possible signals. Existing customers can log into their account at anytime to see their current signal levels and credit cost rates.


There is a limited amount of “slots” on each tower and with technology improvements and superior Mountain Beam network design we strive to always increasing the number of “slots” available, but certain customers could be placed on a waitlist to initiate or resume services. To be placed on the waitlist a new (or existing customer with zero balance) must have properly pointed antenna at one of our towers and meet the -65 dBm signal threshold minimum. From there it will be a first on first off wait-list. Not all accounts with credit balance of 0 (“Zero”) are automatically placed on the wait-list. Wait-listed accounts will clearly state WAITLISTED on the account.

Suspension of Service

Mountain Beam maintains the right to deauthorize a client from the connection to the tower for the following reasons:

Refunds and Transfers

There is a strict no refund policy. Accidental purchases notified to us in less than 24 hours might be able to be reversed in a best attempt approach. If your antenna, router, or computer fails, but your account still has an active balance, we will not refund credits back to currency. If you have two accounts or a family member with an account we will gladly transfer your credit balance to any other account through email. If you have a unique situation please email us and we will try to accommodate you.

Renters and Sale of Homes

An account or usage of an antenna already on the network is “owned” by the main email on the account. This email is username ones puts into the account dashboard webpage. Only with an email from the main account holder can we transfer the account to another email address. Landlords who purchase antennas for their renters must provide an email to us with their renters email for us to acknowledge new account ownership. We are not responsible for damage, theft, or return of equipment from the renter back to the landlord. If you are a new customer and an unknown previous home owner left the antenna on the house please email us a picture of the antenna, gear, and address of house for us to contact the previous customer to transfer the antenna to your email address.

Blacklisted Antennas

Mountain Beam has a list of "Blacklisted” antenna MAC addresses that will no be authorized on our network. Do not buy used antennas as they might have been stolen, we suggest you only buy new antennas.

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